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Bodyguard Company Paris France | PHE PROTECT SECURITY

Our role as a Bodyguard differs from client to client, depending on their security needs and their level of risk and threat.

Bodyguard Paris Nice Cannes Deauville - Actors  / Celebrities

You are an actor, a sportsman, a film actor, a CEO, our company of Bodyguard Paris PHE PROTECT SECURITY ensures your private security on a daily basis while respecting your integrity.

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Private bodyguard - Close protection  

For appointments, photo shoots, professional or private travel, the private bodyguard of our company Bodyguard Paris are at your side to escort you and ensure your protection.

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Galas, events

Do you want to be accompanied in festivities where you are invited? 
The Bodyguard, personal and experienced of our company Bodyguard Paris will be in your presence.

Bodyguard Paris France Nice Cannes Deauville - Gardes du corps VIP -Services de protection

Evènements, festivals

You need a security, a bodyguard when you travel during your stay in several regions for your screening place?
The private bodyguards of our company Bodyguard Paris will establish your security perimeter while respecting your integrity.

Bodyguard Paris France VIP - Services de protection rapprochée - Agence de protection rapp

Our Company Bodyguard Paris

The Bodyguards work alone and also in security teams, but they always stay close to their clients to observe the surroundings and prevent dangerous situations from degenerate.
You are a public person, an actor, an individual, a high-level sportsman or a politician, it is likely that you do not feel safe travelling and attending events without a Bodyguard Paris at your side.
There is an increased need for personal close protection in France as well as in the rest of the world. If you are a famous person looking for physical protection, the bodyguards of the company Bodyguard Paris PHE PROTECT SECURITY who ensure the protection of people are at your service.
In today’s society, there are many good reasons to hire a Bodyguard in France.
At PHE PROTECT SECURITY, our bodyguards are ready to approach every mission with respect and professionalism.
The Bodyguard security service is a personal protection provided by bodyguards trained and approved by the CNAPS and the Ministry of the Interior. The Bodyguard Paris are security professionals who have completed training at a training centre registered at the Rncp in-depth in security and close protection or who have law enforcement training and are in possession of a card professional. They are recruited to protect and prevent a person from harm, including assaults, kidnappings, angry fans and others...
Professional bodyguard services in France are generally required in cases of rich and famous people such as performers, executives, CEOs and anyone else who feels in danger.
The mere presence of a private personal Paris Bodyguard can deter criminals as well as angry fans from undertaking any bad action. In addition, the Paris bodyguards are experienced in the management of dangerous situations through their practical and tactical implementation in training centers and fire safety for evacuations and physical extractions. Their presence gives customers peace of mind that they are in good hands.

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The Team

Our Company Bodyguard Paris is a team of trained men and women security professionals, certified and experienced professional fitness holders, ready to respond immediately to your security needs. The Paris Bodyguard are highly qualified professionals who are responsible for the personal safety of individuals. They often work for celebrities, business leaders, politicians and individuals who are at increased risk of personal attack. When you engage protection by private bodyguards with a specialized Bodyguard company such as PHE PROTECT SECURITY, we will ensure that one or more of our Paris bodyguards accompany you at public events, identify potential dangers, Proactively identify evacuation routes and take steps to ensure your safety in complete discretion.

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Bodyguard Paris France Deauville Bordeaux Cannes Nice VIP - Services de protection rapproc
Société Bodyguard Paris - Bodyguard Paris 8 - Société de sécurité privée Paris - société de sécurité ile-de-France - Garde du corps IDF - Société de protection rapprochée
Bodyguard company - PHE PROTECT SECURITY - Service de protection rapprochée - société de s

Close protection company Paris / Bodyguard Paris - Hiring a bodyguard for your peace of mind

Our bodyguard Paris are security agents who have followed a training, situations with professional certifications and a professional qualification to practice the profession of bodyguard. To become a bodyguard and a close protection officer in the private sector, there are training organizations in France that are approved and issue you a Cqp level IV for the protection of persons. These certifications are mandatory for a close protection company Paris, a bodyguard company and in the security professions. The Ministry of the Interior requires a clean criminal record to validate your Rncp designation and obtain your professional designation. Our agents/ bodyguard as well as our company strictly respect the code of ethics of the profession and book VI (code of internal security). The national police have a service of protection of the high personalities who accompany the Presidents, the Ministers, the Deputies during their travels because they need a close guard. This Operational Homeland Security Service are civil servants who are trained in martial arts, self-defense and first aid as a security officer in the private one must be in good physical condition and know how to keep cool. During a protection mission, the team leader briefs his close team to set up the escort and the driver bodyguard. 

 The Paris bodyguards are in close collaboration with various security services. 

A person recruits a bodyguard only if there is a threat or risk, whether it is low or high. Our bodyguards are recruited by government officials, celebrities, entrepreneurs, sports stars and wealthy families who simply need extra security during times when they feel vulnerable or at risk..

At PHE PROTECT SECURITY, we receive individuals, victims of domestic violence, divorcees who are looking for protection services..
Your safety matters. If you find yourself in a potentially dangerous position, hiring a bodyguard.

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Société Bodyguard Paris - Bodyguard Paris 8 - Société de protection rapprochée Paris - Société de sécurité Privée Paris - Chauffeur garde du corps


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