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Motorized escort

According to the device we can add a logistic support in motorized escort to ensure the protection of the customers during their movements. 
The security motorcyclist in physical protection of people ensures in binomial on the motorcycle, the security of the movements of the vehicle of the protected person. He knows the techniques allowing him to position himself along the route in order to ensure the protection of his client while preserving his safety, that of the road users and while respecting the road legislation.


-Safety and protection motorcycle
-Precursor motorcycle
-Counter surveillance motorcycle (counter targeting)
-Assistance and support motorcycle


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We assure the physical protection and the logistics of the cinematographic personalities during their displacements, their arrivals and their departures on festivals during all the duration of this one.

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Events / Social conflicts

We support leaders and unions during social conflicts so that they can express themselves and defend their opinions in complete safety.

villa avec gardes du corps - PHE PROTECT

Close Protection Officer

We are specialized in close protection operations and the deployment of security devices, visible or discreet, of one or more close protection agents according to threats, vulnerabilities and the resulting level of risks. We ensure the safety of people placed under our protection during their daily and occasional trips, during their participation in private and public events, and during their presence in their residences, workplaces and other establishments. In addition, our surveillance detection and counter-targeting operations allow us to effectively fight against any hostile surveillance and surveillance measures, and our secure transport service to protect movements, be it a simple longer transfer or provision, in an armored vehicle or not in France and abroad.

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Against targeting

We will conduct a counter-targeting of your cultural and professional environment and identify potential threats to you or your loved ones in order to develop your security plan.


Detecting the presence of malicious intent before it impacts us. Obviously, anticipation allows us to reduce the probability of risks and their effects.  





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Protection of French or foreign media

We ensure the protection and security of journalists on the ground during their reports or direct and this so that they are able to do their job properly with confidence.

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Protection of residences

We provide protection in internal perimeter and external periphery of your main residences or your holiday villas

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